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Alumni Council Committees

Get to know the 12 Dartmouth Alumni Council Committees.

How Council Committees Work

Much of the Alumni Council’s work is accomplished through committees. Sometimes the work of a committee may include one or more non-members of the council from either the alumni body or some other source. For example, appropriate staff officers at Dartmouth can serve as committee liaisons to coordinate the work of groups and provide accurate information to committee members.

Committee meetings are held between sessions of the council as may be required.

Special Committee Studies

When necessary or upon request, Alumni Council committees conduct ad hoc studies, often resulting in a report or other recommendations specific to the request. 

Recent studies include:

  • A 2020 recommendation to make amendments to the Alumni Council constitution related to makeup and committee structure
  • A 2013 report examining Dartmouth’s opportunity to expand its existing efforts for diversity hiring and retention

Recent Committee Reports

The Alumni Liaison Committee publishes an annual report as well as biannual “pulse checks.” Dedicated to collecting and synthesizing the sentiment of Dartmouth alumni, the ALC also publishes snapshot reports to summarize findings related to dedicated ad hoc studies.  

Annual Report 2022-23

2022-23 Annual Report

Pulse Check Fall 2023

Fall 2023 Pulse Check

Mental Health

Snapshot Report: Mental Health

Committees and Members


Alumni Awards

The Alumni Awards Committee consists of seven former recipients of the Dartmouth Alumni Award and a staff member from the Alumni Relations Office serving as ex officio. This committee seeks strong alumni candidates who meet the eligibility criteria for the Dartmouth Alumni Award and selects three to four alumni recipients each year to be honored for a combination of accomplishments in Dartmouth volunteerism, career achievements, and civic involvement. 

The Alumni Awards Committee is always seeking new nominations for the Alumni Award. Please send the name, class year, and a brief description of the nominee's accomplishments to Mark Alperin, Chair of the Awards Committee or Carolyn Gray Kimberlin, Assistant Vice President of Alumni Relations.


Alumni Liaison

The Alumni Liaison Committee supports and advances the Alumni Council’s mission to sustain a fully informed, representative, and engaged exchange of information and sentiment between alumni and their College. The committee collects and synthesizes alumni sentiment and communications to share with multiple audiences and alumni.


Alumni Service 

The Alumni Council Service Committee fosters the Dartmouth spirit by connecting alumni to one another to address needs in their local communities around the world. Encouraging alumni engagement through community service, the Alumni Council Service Committee works with the university and alumni groups to facilitate service organized by and for alumni, including the annual Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service.


Enrollment and Admissions

The Committee on Enrollment and Admissions serves as a sounding board for the admissions and financial aid offices on issues such as general admissions, accepted student yield, financial aid practices, and nationwide and international trends. The committee also supports the Office of Admissions in coordinating and assessing the alumni interviewing process throughout the United States and the world.


Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the president, the president-elect, and the chairs of the other standing committees of the council. Chaired by the president, this committee sets the agenda for the council and plans and designs council meetings in consultation with the Dartmouth Alumni Relations Office. It is also empowered to act on council business between meetings, and is the final authority on strategic matters.

Honorary Degrees 

The Committee on Honorary Degrees seeks strong alumni candidates for the award by canvassing the alumni body. It then forwards three to five names to the Dartmouth Committee on Honorary Degrees, which makes the final decision regarding recipients.


Lifelong Learning

The Committee on Lifelong Learning serves as a platform to facilitate the intersection of academic life at Dartmouth with programs and strategies that provide for alumni engagement.


New Alumni Engagement

The New Alumni Engagement Committee focuses on opportunities for strategic engagement of new alumni as they enter alumni-hood. Through the work of the councilors, the committee identifies key working areas and deliverables each year and develops plans in partnership with Alumni Relations for supporting and connecting recent grads as they enter the alumni community.


Nominating and Alumni Trustee

The Nominating Committee makes two nominations for the president-elect, each vacancy for at-large representatives, and other positions specified in the Alumni Council constitution. Importantly, it also makes nominations for alumni trustee as provided in the constitution. 



The Orientation Committee plans and oversees the orientation of first-year alumni councilors. Responsibilities include establishing direct mentor roles for new councilors, updating orientation materials and methods, and monitoring the effectiveness of current orientation programs. The committee is chaired by the Alumni Council president-elect.


Professional Development

The Professional Development Committee works with the Center for Professional Development and the Office of Alumni Relations to help generate program ideas designed to leverage alumni expertise in service to other alumni and students at Dartmouth. 


Young Alumni Awards

The Young Alumni Awards Committee consists of five to seven former recipients of the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award and a staff member of the Alumni Relations Office (committee liaison). This committee seeks strong alumni candidates who meet the eligibility criteria for the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award, placing strong emphasis on Dartmouth volunteerism when selecting two to three recipients each year. The Committee is always seeking new nominations for the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award. Please send the name, class year, and a brief description of the nominee's accomplishments to Shounak Simlai '05 TH'07, Chair of the Young Awards Committee or Briana Stein, Associate Director of Alumni Engagement.