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Italy’s Magnificent Lake District

Aerial shot of italian lake

Tuesday, June 3, 2025 to Wednesday, June 11, 2025

Discover Italy’s dreamy lake district, where glacial waters are cradled by jade knolls and the craggy slopes of Alpine foothills. Based in Stresa on Lake Maggiore, spend sun-soaked days exploring the islands and idyllic lakeside towns where poets and writers found inspiration. Enjoy special cruises on lakes Maggiore, Como and Orta. Visit the Borromean Islands, feast your eyes on Leonardo’s “The Last Supper,” and learn culinary secrets during a cooking lesson. From romantic Isola San Giulio to charming Bellagio and chic Milan to elaborate villas, this is a tour of northern Italy’s stunning beauty.

Jun 3, 2025 - Jun 11, 2025


Land based