One Campaign, Three Bold Goals, Countless Lives Transformed

Explore the full impact of your generosity.

Jun 27, 2023

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Giving News

The Call to Lead campaign, our community’s most ambitious investment in Dartmouth’s potential, roared to a close with more than 60% undergraduate alumni participation and the ardent support of the Dartmouth community worldwide.

We want to take this moment and thank you for the role you played in its success. Each individual act of charitable support and volunteer service was a deliberate choice to double down on the best of Dartmouth. We appreciate your enthusiasm and your good faith.

Baker Tower poking out of a sea of trees

The Impact of The Call to Lead

The impact of The Call to Lead is being felt in every corner of the campus and across the globe.

Thank You from the Dartmouth Community

Our gratitude is equally boundless. Dartmouth students and campus leaders thank you for answering the call to lead.