Do It All with Financial Aid

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Celeste Gigliotti

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Financial aid lets you do it all and Emma Johnson ’24 can prove it. 

An Omaha, NE native and high achiever, Emma could have attended her state school for free, but she recognized the unique opportunities a Dartmouth education offers. Emma wanted to pursue all her interests, academic and otherwise, and Dartmouth made that possible. 

At first glance, the price tag of a Dartmouth education can seem out of reach. That’s where financial aid comes in. 

A shot behind Emma Johnson as she studies in front of a window

Financial aid remains a top priority of The Call to Lead campaign ensure all students, regardless of socioeconomic status, can reap all the benefits of the Dartmouth experience.

And Emma, is reaping every possible benefit, juggling her theatre and quantitative social science double major with a plethora of extracurricular activities, jobs, and leadership roles.

To catch a glimpse of Emma’s involvement on campus, you need not go far. You could’ve seen her onstage in the Dartmouth Department of Theater’s recent production of Pippin; at Collis (After Dark) organizing events; on the slopes of the Dartmouth Skiway as an instructor; or parading a group of prospective students around campus as a tour guide. She even found time to study abroad—a jaunt across the pond to London for summer term, which cost her parents no more than a semester in Hanover, thanks to financial aid. 

Emma has really been able to do it all, a dream realized through the Dartmouth community’s support and the crucial gifts made throughout The Call to Lead campaign.

“There’s always someone in the community that’s looking out for you,” Emma says. “There are things in place to help me thrive at Dartmouth that I don’t even know about—that I don’t even see.” 

Watch the video, the final in our series produced with award-winning journalist Jake Tapper ’91, to learn more about the role of financial aid in Emma’s Dartmouth story.

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