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A Bittersweet Goodbye

2 minute read


For Isabella Fox ’24, financial aid was the most critical factor when choosing where to attend college. Thanks to the support of Dartmouth alumni, friends, and family, she has been able to explore a variety of interests, from an intriguing blend of STEM and classics courses to several meaningful mentorship and research opportunities.

One of the most impactful on-campus communities to which Isabella belongs is the E.E. Just Program, designed to support underrepresented minority students interested in STEM fields. Through this program, Isabella was able to give back to the Dartmouth community by serving as a live-in mentor for rising first-years. “Overall, my participation in the E.E. Just community was a transformative experience,” she writes. “It provided me with a supportive network, valuable mentorship, and numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. This involvement solidified my passion for STEM and instilled in me a commitment to paying it forward by supporting and uplifting the next generation of underrepresented minority students in these fields.”

For Isabella, Dartmouth has fostered a desire to connect with what makes her unique and to continue to explore the ways in which she can make a difference in the world. After graduation, she looks forward to traveling and deepening her connection with her Mexican heritage and family before pursuing a medical degree.

Isabella Fox ’24 headshot
It is bittersweet that my Dartmouth journey is almost over, but I know I’ll look back on my time here fondly. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if I had not been so fortunate to be a Dartmouth student.
- Isabella Fox ’24