Big Green Love Stories: 2024 Edition

Big Green Love collage of photos

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L.L. Charles

Alumni Features Dartmouth Spirit

Lali Haines ’86 and Jay Haines ’87

How we met: I met my husband Jay walking through Salzburg during a ten-day study abroad break! He was in Blois and I was in Toulouse for the semester. We traveled together after the term ended and started officially dating during our last few days in Paris. We then spent two semesters apart and continued dating my senior (his junior year). We got married our last year of grad school (me at Columbia Med, Jay at NYU Law). Raised three kids, now all grown and flown.

Today: This August we will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary! In July, to celebrate, we are going on a safari through East Africa with another Dartmouth couple (Liz and Thom Fries, both ’86s).

Lali Haines ’86 and Jay Haines ’87, before and after

Bethany Kopplin Gilpin ’96 and Brian Gilpin ’97

Today: We will celebrate 27(!) years of marriage in June!

Bethany Kopplin Gilpin ’96 and Brian Gilpin ’97, before and after

Emmanuel Tecuatl-Lee ’11 and James Tecuatl-Lee ’11

How we met: James Lee and I met in May 2010 after I begrudgingly got a text from a friend inviting me to a dance at Tabard. It was the night before a big exam and I was in my dorm and was in for the night. I got convinced into coming out and dancing for a little bit. I put on some Western boots and headed out. I even timed myself. “No later than 10 p.m.” Leo introduced me to James, a fellow Sing Dynasty singer, and all plans went out the window. We ended up staying up all night at Phi Tau, laughing, telling stories. Next morning, I said goodbye and went home. We pretty much looked each other up and Blitzed each other within half an hour, asking to grab lunch after my test. My exam went fairly well, spring was in their air and I walked on clouds that day. We married in 2013 by the Pacific Ocean.

Today: We live in Texas with our furrbaby.

Couple not pictured, placeholder image of D Pine logo.

Alyssa Boehm Beatty ’11 and Heather Beatty ’13

How we met: We met on campus. Heather was a skier, in Sigma Delta sorority, and an art history major. I played women’s hockey, was in Kappa Delta Epsilon, and was an engineering major.

Today: We live with our puppy named Murphy (after Murphy’s on the green where we had our first date!

Alyssa Boehm Beatty ’11 and Heather Beatty ’13, before and after

Christina Kaul ’12 and Saagar Kaul ’12

How we met: We had many mutual friends at Dartmouth and became friends ourselves senior year. We spent senior year exploring the Upper Valley together and eating a lot of Asian delivery. We did long distance after college for four years and were reunited in New York in 2016.

Today: We got married in 2018 and had a baby in 2023! This is us in the Tower Room when I was pregnant, and us with our 7-month-old baby!

Christina Kaul ’12 and Saagar Kaul ’12, before and after

Amy Liang D’17, MED’25 and Paul Lintilhac D’12, TH PhD’25

How we met: We met on campus and went to Murphy’s for our first date.

Today: We got engaged in Prague last year and are having our civil ceremony at Lake Champlain this May and our big wedding at Oheka Castle in 2025.

Amy Liang D’17, MED’25 and Paul Lintilhac D’12, TH PhD’25, before and after

Ellen Stephen ’14 and Kalon Stephen ’14

How we met: My husband, Kalon Stephen, and I met at my first Kappa Delta Epsilon formal in 2011 after being set up on blind dates with other people that didn’t work out. He was won over by my strong handshake and our love story gradually blossomed from there. We spent 4 years flying between Chicago (me) and NYC (him) before finally making a home in Chicago in 2018.

Today: We are expecting our first child, exactly 10 years after our Dartmouth graduation—hopefully he’s a future Dartmouth ’46!

Ellen Stephen ’14 and Kalon Stephen ’14, before and after

Fako Perez ’15 and Alex Rubin ’15

How we met: ’15s love story here! Alex Rubin and I were floor mates freshman year and became best friends before we started dating March of our freshman year.

Today: Fast forward 12 years we now have three kids.

Fako Perez ’15 and Alex Rubin ’15, before and after

Allie Gray ’15 and Josh Glikin ’15

How we met: We were Trippies and studied on the Rome art history FSP together as friends and started dating after college in NYC.

Today: We are getting married in May!

Allie Gray ’15 and Josh Glikin ’15, before and after

Autumn Brunelle ’15 and Aaron Ellis ’15

How we met: Met our freshman winter and fell in love over a chicken bowl from the Hop. We’ve been together since 2012 and married in 2022 on the side of a mountain. Also…we won top couple for the newlywed show back in 2014 I believe!

Autumn Brunelle ’15 and Aaron Ellis ’15, before and after

Ashley Jaramillo ’16 and Felipe Jaramillo ’16

How we met: We met our freshman year and went to formal for The Dartmouth newspaper together, were partnered up for our fraternity/sorority wedding tails sophomore year, and ultimately got married in 2020 surrounded by many of our friends and family members who are Dartmouth grads. Go Big Green!

Ashley Jaramillo ’16 and Felipe Jaramillo ’16, then and now

Jaime Lafauci ’08 and Preston Copley ’07

How we met: Jaime and I were set up for a blind date for an 80’s Kappa Delta Epsilon GDX party in the winter of ’06 by a friend with whom I was in a play. Sparks ignited on an absolutely frigid evening. We went our own ways for a period, with me trying to become an actor and her becoming a lawyer, but after a short period understood our paths were meant to be taken together. Married in 2013 and had children in 2016 and 2019.

Today: We put in almost 13 years in (and around) NYC but have now made a home in Louisville, Kentucky. Jaime now works for McKinsey as a professional development executive and Preston is a producer of original entertainment for Audible, Amazon’s audio platform.

Jaime Lafauci ’08 and Preston Copley ’07, then and now

Charlotte Berry ’19, MED’25 and Chris Banks ’16, TU ’21

How we met: We met in 2019 at Dirt Cowboy Café and bonded over Chris’s time studying abroad in the Czech Republic as a geography major and my interest in medicine, which I would later pursue as a graduate student at Dartmouth. We dated all throughout college and moved in together to a small home in Norwich after graduating with our undergraduate degrees and began graduate school together at Dartmouth. He was a business student during my first two years of medical school and has been working in consulting since he graduated at the top of his class in 2021!

Today: We got engaged this year, and cannot wait to get married in 2025, one week after I graduate from medical school.

Charlotte Berry ’19, MED’25 and Chris Banks ’16, TU ’21, then and now

Alexis Wyatt ’18 and Justin Sanders ’18

How we met: We met at Dimensions in late April 2014. Neither of us had even committed yet. Fast forward to freshman fall, we realized we both had committed and became fast friends. We eventually started dating toward the end of our Dartmouth time together, in 2018.

Today: Justin and I got engaged on November 18, 2023.

Alexis Wyatt ’18 and Justin Sanders ’18, then and now

Tamy Gomez ’21 and Bruno Korbar ’18

How we met: We met in a “Food & Power” class my Freshman Fall. He was taking it because he needed credits to graduate and I was taking it because it sounded interesting. I saw him eating at FOCO on his own one night and recognized him from class. I was new and trying to make friends and somehow decided in that moment to approach and ask if I could join him for dinner (I was also on my own). Many chance encounters and FOCO meals later, the rest was history.

Today: We got married in an intimate and colorful wedding in Mexico this past September.

Tamy Gomez ’21 and Bruno Korbar ’18, then and now

Michelle Quinn ’23 and Nick Howard ’23

How we met: My long-term boyfriend, Nick Howard, and I are both recent graduates from the class of 2023. We met during an Aphi and GDX pong tournament during our sophomore summer. Nick went on to become the president of GDX our senior year. He was the star quarterback of the football team and team captain for 2 years. I was captain of the women’s track and field team at Dartmouth.

Today: We are both getting our graduate degrees and continuing to play sports with our COVID-19 eligibility. I am a runner at Notre Dame. Nick is the new QB1 at Butler—so we both live in Indiana now!

Michelle Quinn ’23 and Nick Howard ’23, then and now