Association of Alumni Announces 2023-2024 Timeline

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Oct 10, 2023

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The Association of Alumni Executive Committee will announce its nominated slate of candidates for officers and members of the Executive Committee by November 21, 2023. Petition candidates have until December 7, 2023, to submit a petition with 500 Dartmouth alumni signatures for inclusion on a ballot. The executive committee or any one percent of the voting members of the Association may file a proposed amendment to the Association of Alumni constitution. The deadline to submit signed petitions to place amendments to the association constitution on a ballot is November 7, 2023.

If the nominated Association of Alumni slate is uncontested, then they will assume office, without the need for an election, on the day of the annual meeting of the Association of Alumni, March 14, 2024. If the slate is contested and/or there are Association of Alumni constitution amendments to be voted on, then the annual election will be held from February 5 through March 4, 2024.