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madam_ambassador.jpgAlumni Book Shelf

  • Eleni (Tsakopoulos) Kounalakis ’89: Madam Ambassador: Three Years of Diplomacy, Dinner Parties, and Democracy in Budapest
  • David G. Muller, Jr. ’70: Knowing the Enemy: An Intelligence Officer’s Memoir, 1966-2014
  • Bill Lenderking ’55:You Can't Beat the Issues: Fifty Years with the U.S. Government in Peace and War

Alumni in Print

  • John Barros ’96 Three Questions for John Barros ’96, Chief of Economic Development, City of Boston (Three Questions, April 2014)
  • Kirsten Gillibrand ’88 Senator Kirsten Gillibrand ’88 Takes on Trump New York’s junior senator talks about faith, fortitude, and the fight between good and evil (Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Jul-Aug 2018)
  • kirsten_gillibrand.jpgLeah Daughtry ’84 Peacemaker Bringing people together has always been a skill of political operative Rev. Leah Daughtry ’84. Democratic power brokers never needed her more than at this summer’s contentious national convention (Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Sep-Oct 2016)
  • Call of Duty: 41 alumni veterans reflect on their U.S. military service in Iraq and Afghanistan (Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Sep-Oct 2012)
  • Some Like It Hot: Five firefighting alums explain what it’s like to be in the heat of the moment (Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Mar-Apr 2018)