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Alumni Book Shelf

  • Secrets from the World's Most Productive Nurse Practitioner book coverJessica Reeves MED'19: Secrets From The World's Most Productive Nurse Practitioner
  • Catherine Florio Pipas, MED’11: A Doctor’s Dozen: Twelve Strategies for Personal Health and a Culture of Wellness
  • Jordyn Paradis Hagar ’04: "At Least You’ll Be Married to a Doctor”: Managing Your Intimate Relationship Through Medical School
  • Jay Lemery MED’00: Enviromedics: The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health
  • Katherine Rowell GR'99 MED'99 and Others: Visualizing Health and Healthcare Data: Creating Clear and Compelling Visualizations to "See How You're Doing"
  • Mininder Kocher ’89: Master Techniques in Orthopaedic Surgery: Pediatrics
  • visualizing_health.jpgSarina Schrager ’88: The ACP Handbook of Women’s Health
  • Frederic Craigie ’72: Positive Spirituality in Health Care
  • Mark B. Constantian MED'70: Childhood Abuse, Body Shame, and Addictive Plastic Surgery - The Face of Trauma
  • Raymond Alexander ’53 TU’54: Risk Management in Health Care Institutions: Limiting Liability and Enhancing Care
  • Gene Stollerman ’41: Medicine: a Love Story: The 20th Century Odyssey of an American Professor of Medicine

Alumni in Print

  • Gabriel Redel-Traub ’14: Words as Medicine New doctor writes his way through the pandemic. Lisa Kocian ’94 (Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, September-October 2020)
  • Lisa Furlong and C.J. Hughes ’92: The Front Lines “Overwhelming.” “Inevitable.” “Frustrating.” That’s how alumni doctors and epidemiologists describe their battle with the deadly coronavirus. (Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, May-June 2020)
  • Dr. Freddie Fu ’74, DMS’75: Surgical Precision A pioneer in sports medicine challenges the conventional wisdom of treating ligament injuries. Deborah Klenotic (Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Jan - Feb 2011)