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Evergreen Scholarship Circle

Circle members are our leading champions of access and affordability.

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About the Circle

The Evergreen Scholarship Circle is a global community of Dartmouth’s most generous supporters who care deeply about attracting exceptionally talented students and ensuring their access to a world-class education. A One-Dartmouth initiative, the Evergreen Scholarship Circle celebrates the establishment of endowed scholarships at Geisel, Guarini, Thayer, Tuck, and for undergraduates.

The  272 members of the Circle have given more than $368 million in endowed financial aid funds, which currently supports more than 420 undergraduate, graduate, and professional school students.

The Power of the Circle

Meet four alums whose Dartmouth experience was made possible by members of the Evergreen Scholarship Circle.

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Rebecca Tadikonda ’95

Financial aid remains one of the best paths to take young people with incredible potential and make a transformational difference in their lives.”

Rebecca Tadikonda ’95

Kinya Seto TU’96

I hope many young, talented students will come from Japan to Tuck and both develop the skills to become better business leaders while also gaining valuable exposure to U.S. culture.”

Kinya Seto TU’96

Doug Chia ’93

Dartmouth was, and continues to be, a transformative experience for me. I feel an obligation to help others gain access to the ‘Dartmouth experience’ that they might otherwise not have.”

Doug Chia ’93

Dan Kalafatas ’96

Everyone who attends Dartmouth stands on the shoulders of those who came before us. Now is our moment. If not us, then who?”

Dan Kalafatas ’96

Evergreen Scholarship Circle 2023 Report infographic

The 2023 Report

Learn more about students benefiting from endowed scholarships.

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Lives Changed Forever

Students discuss how financial aid changed their lives.

Hannah Brookes ’23 headshot

Hannah Brookes ’23

Northampton, Massachusetts

“As a freshman, I planned to major in biology and minor in computer science. However, I decided to become a double major as I was truly passionate about the classes I was taking in both the computer science and biology departments. Last spring, I completed my biology major, and I will wrap up my computer science major this fall and winter. Outside of classes, I have had the opportunity to intern in two different research labs, which helped inform my career aspirations as I discovered my love for data science and machine learning in biological disciplines.” 


Breno Teixera Silva ’25 headshot

Breno Teixera Silva ’25

São Paulo, Brazil

“Studying at Dartmouth is not just about academic excellence; it’s about personal growth, forging lifelong relationships, and being part of a community that values diverse perspectives and backgrounds. Your support ensures that Dartmouth remains a melting pot of cultures and ideas, fostering an environment where I, and many others from different corners of the world, can thrive. Your philanthropy is not just a financial contribution; it’s an affirmation that education knows no boundaries and that dreams, regardless of where one comes from, deserve to be fulfilled.”


Marsiol Ballesteros ’24 headshot

Marisol Ballesteros ’24

El Paso, Texas

“Growing up in a low-income family and being a first-generation American and college student, I always dreamed of pursuing higher education, but the financial burden seemed insurmountable. This scholarship means much more than just financial support; it is a testament to the faith you have in students like me to make a positive impact on the world. Your trust and confidence in my abilities have given me the motivation to push myself further, explore new horizons, and be a driving force in my academic and personal growth.”