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Alumni Club Book Award

The award recognizes and rewards exceptional high school juniors and encourages them to consider attending Dartmouth.

Program Goals

The Dartmouth Alumni Club Book Award Program has two goals: to recognize and reward high school juniors who have excelled both academically and in their extracurricular activities, and to encourage these talented students to consider attending Dartmouth.

Book award recipients are great potential candidates for the next Dartmouth class, and winners are encouraged to consider Dartmouth. This program is an effective enrollment tool and promotes the name of Dartmouth among the high school students residing in participating club areas.

The key to this program’s success is building the relationship between the local alumni and the recipients; many clubs invite their book award recipients to various events to give them exposure to Dartmouth.

Annual Overview of Events


Kick-off information is sent from the Admissions Ambassador Program to alumni clubs. 


Alumni clubs contact schools to collect names of winners and send books. 


Alumni clubs send the list of winners to the Admissions Ambassador Program. 


Book award winner information is sent to the Office of Admissions, and winners are invited to attend in-person and virtual award receptions.

How the Program Works: Step-by-Step

  • Select the local secondary private or public schools where a Dartmouth Book Award might widen our admissions pool or encourage more top-quality applicants to consider applying to Dartmouth. 
  • Ask the appropriate school official to choose a junior with outstanding academic credentials and outstanding leadership qualities. 
  • Select a book with a Dartmouth connection: a book written by one of Dartmouth’s many alumni or faculty authors or a book about Dartmouth. For ideas, please browse our list of suggested titles
  • The cost of the Dartmouth Alumni Club Book Award is either covered by the club or by asking alumni to serve as a “sponsor” for the cost of the book. 
  • Request supplies from the Admissions Ambassador Program in the spring. Email for the request form. Standard book award supplies include Dartmouth admissions magazines and book plates, which are stickers to place inside the cover of the book where you can inscribe the winner’s name and a note.
  • Arrange for the presentation of the books at high school awards assemblies in the spring. Sending a club officer to present the award enhances the ambassadorial role of this award. If this is not possible or not permitted by the school, the club may want to follow up with a congratulatory letter to the recipient. Many schools or alumni clubs may opt for virtual presentations. Some schools may simply ask you to mail the book award to the school or student’s home address.
  • Submit to Dartmouth a list of the names and addresses of award recipients. Please download this report form, complete it with as much information as possible, and email it back to
  • Recipients may be invited to virtual or in-person book award receptions hosted by the Admissions Office.