Nominating & Alumni Trustee

The Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee consists of the president, the president-elect, the immediate past chair of the Nominating Committee, a council member appointed by the committee for a term of three years, and six other council members elected for terms of three years by the council. The Nominating Committee makes two nominations for the president-elect, each vacancy for at-large representatives, and other positions specified in the Alumni Council constitution. Importantly, it also makes nominations for alumni trustee as provided in the constitution. The Nominating Committee welcomes alumni trustee candidate recommendations from alumni at any time.

Alex Barnett '07

Cheryl Bascomb '82 P'12
Cheryl Bascomb '82 P'12 - Ex Officio

Jhilam Biswas '05
Jhilam Biswas '05

Kate Carolan '05

Sarah Choi '97
Sarah Choi '97

Bruce Danziger '83
Bruce Danziger '83 P'22

Mariah Farbotko GR'18 - Secretary

Nahoko Kawakyu-O’Connor '99

Hadley Mullin '96
Hadley Mullin '96 P'27 - Chair

Kalina Newmark '11
Kalina Newmark '11

Luzi Robinson '88 P'24

Cheryl Shepard '90