Alumni Liaison Committee

To support and advance the Alumni Council’s mission to sustain a fully informed, representative, and engaged exchange of information and sentiment between alumni and their College. Collect and synthesize alumni sentiment and communications to share with multiple College audiences and alumni.

Luke Antal '07
Missy Asbill Attridge '77 P'07
Monique Burns Thompson '88
Alec Casey '88 - Chair
Belinda Chiu '98
Latia Curry '98
Rachel Bogardus Drew '98
Whitney Flynn '07 TU'16
Julie Hubble '87 P'21
John Mathias '69 P'07 P'09 P'09 P'11 P'11 TUP'16 TUP'16
Kalina Newmark '11
Liz Nunez - Liaison
Laurie Shapiro '95

ALC Snapshot Report: Athletics Decision

ALC Snapshot Report: Addressing Racism at Dartmouth

2019-2020 ALC Annual Report