Alumni Awards

Each year a handful of alumni are selected to receive the prestigious Dartmouth Alumni Award, established by the Alumni Council to honor outstanding alumni. The first Alumni Award was presented in 1954 to Ernest Martin Hopkins, Class of 1901. Since then, more than 400 alumni have been honored.

The Alumni Awards Committee consists of seven former recipients of the Dartmouth Alumni Award and a staff member of the Alumni Relations Office (committee secretary). This committee seeks strong alumni candidates that meet the eligibility criteria for the Dartmouth Alumni Award and selects three to four alumni recipients each year to be honored for a combination of accomplishments in Dartmouth volunteerism, career and civic involvement.

If you know an alumnus you believe meets these high standards and should be considered for an Alumni Award, please email your nomination to the Volunteer Engagement team.

Mark Alperin '80
Mark Alperin '80 P'17 - Chair

Martha Beattie '76
Martha Beattie '76 P'07 P'09 TUP'15

Todd Cranford '85
Todd Cranford '85

Digger Donahue '73 P'04 P'06

Kelley Fead '78
Kelley Fead '78

Carolyn Kimberlin - Liaison

Tracey Salmon-Smith '87 - Chair
Tracey Salmon-Smith '87 P'22

Meg Sommerfeld '90
Meg Sommerfeld '90

Rocky Whitaker '74 P'06