Business Insider says, "When it comes to networking and building professional connections, alumni are one of the most valuable resources Dartmouth offers."

Note to students: Access the DCN to find alumni and send emails. You will be able to create a profile during May of the year that you graduate, when you have full access to the DCN.

Additional Networking Ideas

More Resources

Dartmouth Center for Professional Development
Resources for students and young alumni.

Job openings exclusively for students and for Dartmouth graduates in the past five years.

Information for Employers
How to hire a Dartmouth student or recent graduate.

Guarini School of Graduate and Advanced Studies at Dartmouth
Programs in a range of academic areas.

Tuck School of Business

Thayer School of Engineering

Geisel School of Medicine

Dartmouth College Library
As a Dartmouth graduate, you have borrowing privilege! Learn more.

Alumni Directory & Career Network Policy 

Please note: The Dartmouth Alumni Directory is for official Dartmouth College use and the use of our alumni to connect with each other as fellow members of the Dartmouth community. Use for other purposes, including any commercial or political mailing, or the solicitation of business, information, or contributions from individuals listed in this publication by email, mail, telephone, or other means is prohibited.

Reproducing or otherwise using information included in the Dartmouth Alumni Directory for multiple mailings or other communications without the express written consent of authorized Dartmouth personnel is also prohibited. Such unauthorized use may violate rights of privacy and/or publicity and will be considered a misuse of proprietary information. 

In short, please respect your fellow alumni and use the Directory in the spirit with which it was created. Thank you!

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