Looking for ideas for a 2018 Dartmouth Alumni Day of Service project? Consider these service projects from past years for inspiration.

Women of Dartmouth Boston - Gaining Ground
Volunteers assisted with planting, weeding, and preparing fields at Gaining Ground, a non-profit organic farm in Concord, MA that grows fresh produce for donation to meal programs and food pantries.

Dartmouth Alumni Club of Maryland - Blue Waters Baltimore
Volunteers contributed to the beauty of Baltimore by planting a variety of trees.

New York City - The East Harlem School
Volunteers tutored middle school students and assisted with homework.

Dartmouth Club of Oregon - Oregon Food Bank
Volunteers repacked and labeled bulk dry foodslike rice, pasta, apples, or potatoes into family-sized packages.

Dartmouth Club of Rhode Island - Nature Conservancy RI
Volunteers lent a hand with trail work, constructed a rudimentary bridge, and painted trail marks on trees.

Dartmouth Club of the Upper Valley - The Upper Valley Haven
One team of volunteers worked on a cooking project in the kitchen, and the other conducted a spring cleanup of the grounds.

Dartmouth Club of Washington, DC - Greeting Veterans at the WWII Memorial
Volunteers greeted WWII veterans as they visit their memorial, welcomed them to the site, and thanked them for their service, and helped with organizing groups and taking photos.

Additional Project Ideas