Our staff of seasoned travelers love bringing Dartmouth to the world, and the world to Dartmouth.

Robin Albing TU ’81

With 60 countries on 6 continents under her belt, Robin is as comfortable in the markets of New Delhi as she is at home in New Hampshire. Her love of educational travel was cultivated early by time spent studying archeology in Greece and at Oxford as an undergraduate, and exploring the ancient sites of the Peloponnesus remains a favorite memory. Prior to joining Dartmouth Alumni Travel in 2013, she put her Tuck MBA to use by founding and leading an international marketing consultancy with offices in New York, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and New Delhi. Robin’s recent travels for Dartmouth include trips to Iran and, memorably, Cuba, where a broken arm turned into a chance to learn firsthand about socialized medicine.

Mary Ann Hunt A'14

Growing up in Wisconsin, Mary Ann’s spirit of adventure was shaped by exploring national parks, spending time on the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, and amethyst mining in Ontario. She forayed farther afield as an undergraduate, studying ancient art and archeology and getting her hands dirty in the field in Ashkelon, Israel. Since joining Dartmouth Alumni Travel in 2007, Mary Ann’s travels have taken her around the globe with legendary Dartmouth professors including John Rassias, Marysa Navarro, and Bruce Nelson. No matter where in the world she is, you’ll find Mary Ann seeking out local delicacies from street vendors and open-air markets – though for now she’s drawing the line at scorpion kebabs. A student in Dartmouth’s Masters of Liberal Studies program, Mary Ann is focusing on travel writing and finds that Dartmouth Alumni trips give her plenty of material.

Alison Shepardson

Alison’s first travels were through literature, and to this day, she still divides her bookshelf into classic and contemporary sections, with seven different versions of the complete works of Shakespeare. Starting with her first family trip to the Grand Canyon when she was 12, she’s had a love of travel, and is already passing on that love to her own children with vacations that usually involve a stop at art or science museums and the theatre. Her favorite part of working for Dartmouth Alumni Travel is getting to know alumni travelers, helping their trips go smoothly, and creating extra special memories with them. A native of Newport, NH, Alison is always up to travel anywhere, especially if there are animals and minor league baseball parks there.

Why Travel With Us?

Adventuresome Spirit: Each year more than 700 Dartmouth alumni, faculty, and friends travel with us to about 35 destinations, including remote destinations or those only recently opened to Western travelers.

Educational Pursuits: Dartmouth Alumni Travel provides travelers with exclusive access to Dartmouth faculty who share their expertise on the geography, history, or culture of each destination.

Dartmouth Camaraderie: Travel with old Dartmouth friends and make new friends with people who share your love for learning adventures.

Leave It to Us: All you do is book your flight. Our trip operators take all the other logistics off your hands—tickets, reservations, transportation, and more.

Real Value: You save, on average, 20–30 percent of what you'd pay for the trip components separately.

Any revenue beyond expenses that may be generated from our travel program is used exclusively to support the programs of Dartmouth Alumni Travel and Alumni Continuing Education.