Please join us for a conversation with Dr. Shoshana Garfield D’89. As a mindset specialist, Shoshana has worked with top executives, people wanting far more than OK in their lives, and victims of violent crime. She presents and trains internationally. Shoshana is the author of The Smart Person’s Guide to BIG FAT LIES about Suffering, Stress and Happiness, a book that goes beyond mindfulness and the popular hype of stress management and dieting to control the body. Her scientific background helps her to articulate complex psychological and neuroscience concepts in accessible (and even fun) ways. She volunteers to bring cutting-edge psychological techniques into the workplace, the NHS and everyday life. She also eats all the chocolate she wants.

Shoshana will touch on a range of subjects from:

  • How to improve emotional intelligence in the workplace and at home 
  • How to think about your relationship with your body and with your eating. Most women are well educated on nutrition, but putting into practice what we think we ‘should’ eat may feel depressing or overwhelming 
  • How to de-stress and be happy with “good enough” instead of the challenge of so many high performers of feeling that good enough is only mediocre. 
  • Practical ways to dispel persistent, stressful feelings 
  • How you may eat as much chocolate as you like without any guilt or remorse whatsoever. Really.

If you have questions, please email Kate Grussing Tu’91 at or Michaela LeBlanc Tu’15 at

This evening is generously hosted by Goldman Sachs.