Dec 9
ISIS and the Destruction of Cultural Heritage in the Middle East

For the first time in a decade, the Smithsonian Institution is displaying the exquisite sculpture of Haliphat to bring attention to the ongoing destruction of ruins in the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria. Read more.


Learning experiences for alumni in unique venues and fascinating places. Read more.


January 15

Dartmouth at the Opera

NEW YORK - Join Professor Steve Swayne, Dartmouth alumni, family and friends for a live performance of Turandot at the Metropolitan Opera at the Lincoln Center. This special event will not only include tickets for the performance, but also a cocktail reception and pre-performance lecture by professor Swayne. Read more.

February 6

Become an Informed Voter

PRINCETON, NJ - Join fellow Dartmouth alumni and the Rockefeller Center’s Senior Lecturer in Economics Charlie Wheelan ’88 for a timely discussion of the policy issues that matter most in 2016. Learn to look past media hype to what the presidential candidates should be talking about during this election season. Read more.

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