May 14–16, 2015

Vice-Chair Kalina Newmark '11 led the committee in discussion of several agenda items, including: updates on the alumni-student mentoring effort, updates regarding the Young Alumni Chair positions, alumni service, Admissions efforts and social media outreach, upcoming projects for 2015-16 and a vote on the committee's 2015-16 vice chair position.

The previously discussed young alumni-student mentoring effort will focus on the classes of 2006, 2007 and 2008 and their corresponding student classes (2016, 2017 and 2018). The committee will aim to roll out these connections in the next academic year. The committee's efforts will target areas with significant populations of younger alumni. Kalina will draft a supportive message and share with the committee. Kalina shared that she has been exploring the (alumni club?) Young Alumni Chair positions.

The committee discussed the Alumni Council's inaugural Day of Service on May 2nd, 2015 and provided feedback.

The committee discussed its potential involvement in Admissions social media outreach for the Class of 2020. There was much discussion around this topic with a lot of interest. There are additional questions and discussion needed to determine the best platform(s), format, timeline, goal(s), etc. Committee members discussed that there could be a lot of potential around this idea, particularly regarding areas where young alumni can provide valuable perspectives and insight to potential/incoming students. It was agreed that young alumni can be most helpful in this process in conveying excitement and interest to the students, rather than serving as sources of information about campus and current student experiences. For instance, young alumni might engage via social media around topics incoming students might want to know before arriving to campus, providing insight regarding what their post-grad plans have involved, etc.

Kalina led the committee in exploring possible 2015-16 projects for the committee. Melanie Pastuck '11 suggested the committee's potential collaboration with the Council's Professional Development committee; committee members agreed that there could be a good partnership between the two committees.

The committee approved the selection of Melanie Pastuck '11 as the 2015-16 vice-chair for the Young Alumni Committee. Current vice-chair Kalina Newmark will become the 2015-2016 chair following the retirement of current chair Rodrigo Ramirez ’06.