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The Lifelong Class Partnering initiative seeks to create an intergenerational and lifelong bond among pre-established groups of classes (classes ending with the same last digit [ex. 1948, 58, 68, 78, 88, 98, 08, 18]) to share ideas and resources and foster ongoing mutual benefit across a wide spectrum of class, alumni and life activities.

Class Partnering Website

Resources from the Alumni Council
Alumni trustee recommendation form, governance leadership org charts, etc.

Class Activities Team

Elizabeth A. Kelley ’96
(603) 646-0313

Nicole B. Losavio
Assistant Director
(603) 646-3578

Angela B. Stafford ’91
Assitant Director
(603) 646-3312

Anne B. Harvey
Class Treasurers Dues
(603) 646-3933

Megan L. Castelot
Class Activities Coordinator
(603) 646-3200