Common Ground

Dartmouth realizes that alumni bond on the basis of many experiences of the College and come together under many banners. The personal-identity groups that Dartmouth recognizes as alumni affiliated organizations are based on ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Black Alumni of Dartmouth Association (BADA) 
Karim Marshall ’03 | Email | Facebook

Dartmouth Asian Pacific American Alumni Association (DAPAAA) 
Stephanie Yu ’97 and Ariel Xue ’08 | EmailFacebook

Dartmouth Association of Latino Alumni (DALA) 
Yaritza A. Gonzalez ’15 | Email | Facebook

Dartmouth Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Alumni/ae Association (DGALA) 
Brendan Connell ’87 | Email | Facebook

Native American Alumni Association of Dartmouth (NAAAD) 
Christopher Chavis ’12 and Rachel Froman Bettencourt ’82 | Email | Facebook