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Conference Schedule: September 20–21, 2019

Friday, September 20, 2019
10 am–5 pm

Arrival: Sign In and Materials Pick-Up
Zimmerman Conference Room, Blunt Alumni Center

11 AM–3 PM

Skill-Based and Enrichment Sessions

  • 11 AM–Noon

    Volunteer by EverTrue Session for DCF Head Agents
    Paganucci Lounge, Class of 1953 Commons
    DCF Staff will be on hand to provide tips and training in an informal setting for DCF Class Agents looking to become more familiar with Dartmouth’s volunteer fundraising software.

  • 11 AM–Noon

    iModules Email Workflow Session I
    Room 041, Haldeman Center
    Preview the new way of sending an email from your organization through iModules.

  • Noon–3 PM

    Call to Serve Service Project
    Class of 1930 Room, Rockefeller Center
    Not only are we celebrating Dartmouth’s birthday, we're also helping local families celebrate special moments in their lives! Be part of the Call to Serve and join your fellow alumni to create 250 birthday-in-a-bag treats for local organizations including the Vermont Department of Children and Families; foster and recently adopted children; and LISTEN Community Services. 

  • 12:30–2 PM

    Technical Training for Class Treasurers
    Room 125, Haldeman Center
    Quickbase overview, best practices, and topic-driven Q&A

  • 1–2:15 PM

    Back to Class: Walk in the Footsteps of Eleazar Wheelock and Samson Occom
    Gilman Auditorium, Hood Museum of Art
    In this talk, Colin Calloway, the John Kimball, Jr. 1943 Professor of Native American Studies, will revisit Dartmouth’s founding 250 years ago as a school for the education of Native Americans, survey the College’s record during its first two centuries, and assess its progress since 1970 when President Kemeny rededicated Dartmouth to fulfilling its original mission.

  • 1–2 PM

    Hood Museum Tour
    Hood Museum of Art
    Dartmouth’s collections are among the oldest and largest of any college or university in the country. Join Deputy Director Juliette Bianco '94 for a guided tour, and discover what’s new in these stunning galleries. Please meet inside the museum in the new Russo Atrium.

  • 2:30–3:30 PM

    iModules Email Workflow Session II
    Room 041, Haldeman Center
    Repeat of Session I

  • 2:30–3:30 PM

    Master Planning Campus Walking Tour of the West End
    Meet on front steps of Blunt Alumni Center
    Wear your walking shoes for a tour of Dartmouth's ambitious West End projects.

Noon–1:30 PM

Lunch on Your Own

2–3 pm

Orientation for New Leaders
VOX Tent, Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center
All new officers, leaders, and volunteers, whether new to their organization, role(s), or at their first on-campus conference, are invited to a kick-off session with fellow volunteers to get a preview of VOX, review support and resources, and get to know each other before the first session. Featuring special guest leaders from classes, clubs, and groups.

4–6 PM

Welcome and Bold Visions from Dartmouth Leadership
Grand Ballroom, Hanover Inn
Join us for a kick-off session with Dartmouth leaders Alexis Abramson, Dean of the Thayer School of Engineering; Mary Lou Aleskie, Howard L. Gilman ’44 Director of the Hopkins Center for the Arts; and Lee Coffin, Vice Provost for Enrollment and Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, to hear their thoughts on the most important issues facing Dartmouth today, their views on leadership, and their bold vision for Dartmouth's future.

6–7 PM

Sign In Reopens
VOX Tent, Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center

6:15–7 PM

Reception: Dartmouth Students Today
VOX Tent, Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center
Continue the conversation with campus leaders and have the opportunity to network with students who are fresh off of internships and externships, Sophomore summer, FSP and LSA programs, and more.

7–9:30 PM

VOX Welcome Dinner and Awards Gala
VOX Tent, Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center
Gather for a festive dinner celebrating volunteerism and the presentation of the Class, Club, and Group of the Year awards. 

10 PM

Informal Class Gatherings in Town (optional)

Saturday, September 21, 2019
7:30–8:30 AM

Continental Breakfast 
Top of the Hop, Hopkins Center for the Arts
reopens

8:30–9:30 AM

Keynote Speaker: Sydney Finkelstein
Alumni Hall, Hopkins Center for the Arts 
Start off Saturday morning with a lively conversation with Sydney Finkelstein, Tuck's Steven Roth Professor of Management, who has published over 25 books and 90 articles on the topic of leadership, including Superbosses: How Exceptional Leaders Master the Flow of Talent.

9:30–10 am


10–11 AM

Refining Leadership Skills Workshops
Choose from four concurrent sessions.

  • Design Thinking and Volunteer Challenges
    Room 008, Kemeny Hall
    Join Thayer Professor Eugene Korsunskiy and learn how to apply the design thinking process to one of your volunteer challenges.
  • Emotional Intelligence: What It Is and Why It Matters for Individuals and Team Leadership
    Room 007, Kemeny Hall
    This interactive workshop, led by Amanda Silver, consultant, trainer and executive coach, will allow you to gain insights into your strengths and identify personal action steps to develop your emotional intelligence.
  • Facilitating Leadership: Blending Individual Styles to Achieve Common Goals
    Room 002, Rockefeller Center
    Effective leaders must honor individual styles and voices while simultaneously moving toward the organization’s collective goals. During this session with Jay Davis ’90, director of the First Year Student Enrichment Program (FYSEP) and the King Scholar Program, we will explore various strategies for becoming successful facilitative leaders. 

  • Authentic Leadership: The Both/And Leadership Style
    Room 028, Silsby Hall
    How can we lead teams through change without destabilizing them? How can we navigate an existing system and pioneer new ways of thinking at the same time? Why do we need to give clear direction and also empower people to find their own way? Join Betsy Miller ’96, co-chair of Cohen Milstein’s Public Client practice, to learn how to be a dynamic and authentic leader by understanding the power and generosity of the Both/And leadership style.

11–11:15 AM


11:15 AM–12:45 PM

Class Association and Club and Group Cohort Meetings
Break out into impactful discussions focused on shared challenges, successes, and lessons learned around the work you do.

  • Regional Clubs
    • Small and Medium – Room 213, Silsby Hall
    • Large and Metro – Room 113, Silsby Hall
  • Affiliated and Shared Interest Groups
    Room 209, Rockefeller Center
  • Women of Dartmouth
    Class of 1930 Room, Rockefeller Center
  • District Enrollment Directors
    Room 028, Haldeman Center
  • Class Associations
    • Presidents and vice presidents – Room 008, Kemeny Hall 
    • Treasurers – Room 007, Kemeny Hall
    • Secretaries – Room 105, Kemeny
    • Newsletter editors – Room 125, Haldeman Center
    • Digital content managers – Room 031, Haldeman Center
    • Mini-reunion volunteers – Room 108, Kemeny Hall
    • Gift planning chairs – Room L02, Carson Hall
    • Head agents – Room L01, Carson Hall
1–2:30 PM

Lunch Meetings
Class of 1953 Commons
Join your organization or thematic roundtables to continue the morning’s conversations over lunch.

2:30–3:45 PM

Enhancing the Work We Do: Concurrent Sessions
Interactive “how to” sessions led by expert alumni leaders, volunteers, and staff on pressing topics for organization leaders. 

  • Communicating with Intention
    Room 007, Kemeny Hall
    Learn how to ensure that all forms of communication and messaging are strategically linked to work in harmony, reinforcing one another and aligning with the overall mission and values of the class, club, or group.
  • Engagement Case Studies: Compassion Committees 
    Room 108, Kemeny Hall
    Learn what other classes are doing to engage and care for classmates through compassion committees and service projects and discuss how to navigate both the opportunities and challenges along the way.

  • The Lifecycle of a Volunteer and Transition Points
    Room 041, Haldeman Center
    Discuss with colleagues the best practices for how to recruit, inspire, and steward your volunteers, including  how to move them from one opportunity to the next.
  • Creating an Inclusive Volunteer Experience
    Room 105, Kemeny Hall
    Explore how to create an inclusive volunteer experience in which all participants feel welcomed, valued, and affirmed.
  • Collaborating with Other Dartmouth Organizations
    Room 006, Kemeny Hall
    Share and hear examples of how working with other organizations across regions or volunteers roles can help with member recruitment, leader identification, and program enrichment.
  • Running an Effective Board
    Room B003, Moore Psychology Building
    Learn how to run a productive and engaging meeting, with clear actions and accountability, especially when using Zoom, other teleconferencing tools, and/or other platforms and tools
  • Using Data to Make Informed Programming Decisions
    Room 001, Rockefeller Center 
    Hear from volunteer leaders who use data to inform organizational decision making. Learn about the data used, steps taken, analysis, and outcomes.

4–5 PM

Shout Out Showcase: Bringing It All Together—Celebrating the Year and Anticipating the Future
Reconvene with fellow volunteer leaders across classes, clubs, and groups for a closing session that brings together recent innovations, effective efforts, and tried and true methods for bringing your members off the sidelines.

  • Leadership and Communication Shout Outs – Room 008, Kemeny Hall
  • Community and Service Shout Outs – Room 007, Kemeny Hall
5:15–6 PM

Celebratory Send-Off and Toast
Nearburg Forum, Black Family Visual Arts Center
Gather with friends new and old for an iconic Dartmouth send-off!