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“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” -- Henry David Thoreau

This September 20–21, return to Hanover’s north woods, recalling your first day on campus some years ago, when your eyes were wide with the promise of opportunity.

Engage, analyze, network, and collaborate across class, club and group organizations.

Drill down on strategy to uncover new opportunities.

Inspire and be inspired.

Celebrate and renew Dartmouth’s tradition of service and volunteerism!

See you soon for the first-ever Volunteer Officer eXperience (VOX) Conference!

Program Highlights

Keynote Session
Hear from renowned Professor Sydney Finkelstein about the different pathways to becoming a highly effective leader. Get the playbook on how to bring out the best in your volunteers.  Learn from the exceptional talent developers Professor Finkelstein has researched to find what might be more widely emulated in your organization.

Breakout Sessions
Leading an organization takes creative thinking, thoughtfulness and finesse. Develop your leadership qualities through sessions on authenticity and design thinking. Find ways to enhance what you do for your class, club, and group with sessions on communicating intentionally and creating an inclusive volunteer experience.

Events and Activities
Take advantage of your trip back to campus to connect with members of your organization and others, and to hear of the important issues facing Dartmouth today and where Dartmouth is going in the future.