Class Awards 2013
Dartmouth College

Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

The Class of 1966
Special Recognition for
Class Connections Welcome to the Class of 2016 at the Second College Grant

Fifteen members of the Class of '66 rolled out the green, pine-needle carpet for 175 members of the Class of 2016 by serving them dinner at the Grant's Management Center during their First-year Trips. Launching the 1966/'16 Class Connection with a burst of enthusiasm, each member of the '66 "croo" participated for three to six days in late August and early September 2012.

Teaching songs, sharing tales of '66 Dartmouth escapades, explaining alumni bonds, and cooking vats of pasta was just a bit of the fun at the start of this ongoing alumni connection between the classes of 1966 and 2016. Building on a much smaller version of this program offered several years ago by the Class of 1958, Doug Hill '66 planned the event months in advance with the help of the Outdoor Programs Office and DOC. The casual, laid-back atmosphere of the event was possible because the class developed such a highly organized and carefully executed plan.

Hats off to the '66s for welcoming these alumni-in-the-making with such great Dartmouth spirit!