Recipient of the 2017–18 Dartmouth Alumni Award


Growing up in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, you first set foot in Hanover while taking a break from the drive on a family camping trip. You were absolutely charmed by the campus, and while you weren’t able to schedule a last-minute interview on that day despite your best efforts, you fell in love at first sight with Dartmouth.

Once you arrived on campus, you quickly became engaged with all Dartmouth had to offer. A history major, you particularly enjoyed your classes with Professor Ken Shewmaker, an expert on Daniel Webster. You vividly remember acting out the famous court case in your senior seminar. You encountered the generosity of Dartmouth alumni early, when you led an admissions tour on campus that included Tom Rucker ’63 and Betty Rucker. Upon learning that you were preparing for your language study abroad term in France, they promptly invited you to visit their home in London en route to Paris. You took them up on their offer, and they kept in touch and offered support throughout your time abroad.  

Outside the classroom, your activities included singing with the Glee Club, performing in the musical “H.M.S. Pinafore” during Winter Carnival, and fulfilling an internship with Alumni Relations. You served as an ambassador of sorts to alumni concerned about the implementation of coeducation. A member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and Fire and Skoal senior society, you collaborated with other women to found Phoenix, a women’s society. You made a fabulous circle of friends who remain close today, including your first-year roommate Corinne Heyes, who you roomed with every term while in college.

Upon graduating from Dartmouth, you entered the financial services field with a position at Bankers Trust. A few years later, you returned to Hanover to attend the Tuck School of Business. One of the Dartmouth alumni panelists at a career expo urged you to consider the venture capital world. Inspired by this, and with an interest in healthcare, you became an early investor in the biotech field. An entrepreneurial spirit then led you to start the pharmaceutical company Acusphere out of the basement of your home. After an exciting 20 years, you transitioned out as CEO and participated in the creation of a documentary about the need for change in the American educational system. Now you are involved in a new international collaboration working toward technology solutions for pressing public-health issues.

All along the way, you’ve been a passionate and committed volunteer for Dartmouth. You served as an alumni interviewer, as class agent and head agent for your 5th Reunion, and as a member of the Dartmouth College Fund Committee. After your 10th Reunion you joined the Alumni Council, serving as a member of the Nominating and Alumni Trustee Search Committee, as president of the Alumni Council, and later as chair the Council’s College Relations Group. You joined the executive advisory board of the Center for Private Equity, and served on the Tuck Board of Overseers for many years. Other volunteer roles included terms on the Athletics Advisory Board and the President’s Leadership Council. In 2008, you took on the ultimate role of service to the College when you were appointed to the Board of Trustees, on which you served two terms. In your view, one of the highlights of this experience was overseeing risk management as chair of the Audit Committee. Others on the Board admired you for your upbeat, can-do attitude and your buoyant spirit that inspired others. You continue to make an impact as you support President Hanlon’s vision of Dartmouth’s future.

Of course, through your lifelong journey you have had the loving support of your husband Curt ’78; and your wonderful children Ali ’13, Tu’18, and Eric ’16. The children learned the words to the alma mater before “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” — the Oberg household is as green as it gets!

Sherri, your enthusiasm, combined with your brilliance and penchant for community building, has made Dartmouth a better place. As a young alumna, you were presented with the Dartmouth Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award for the depth of your volunteer service to the institution. That service has only continued to grow. We are humbled by your extraordinary dedication to your alma mater, and honor your contributions with the presentation of the Dartmouth Alumni Award.