Recipient of the 2017-18 Dartmouth Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award


As a high school senior in Brewster, New York, you committed to attend Georgetown University and happily posed for photos in your new Hoyas gear. Heading out for a summer vacation with your parents, you nearly missed an email from Dartmouth — you’d been admitted off the waitlist. Luckily for us, your family was willing to take a slight detour to Hanover where a visit to campus quickly convinced you to change your allegiance to the Big Green.

As a first-year student, you initially planned to follow a pre-med track. After your first term, your studies took a new direction thanks to your experience in Government 3 with Professor Ron Shaiko. Your passion for politics developed rapidly. As a government major, Dartmouth’s foreign study program in Washington, DC, proved a perfect fit. But in true Dartmouth liberal arts fashion, you delighted in a broad range of courses, from screenwriting to German cinema to Professor Steve Swayne’s course on opera. You treasured your relationships with professors, and now call them “one of Dartmouth’s greatest strengths.”  

Outside of the classroom, you were tremendously involved. You were president of Sigma Nu fraternity, a member of the senior society Paleopitus and the Rockefeller Center’s Class of 1964 Policy Research Shop, a student journalist, and the club badminton team, among other activities. You’ve said Dartmouth gave you your philosophical and moral foundation, and your vivid memories of undergraduate life, the singing of “Dartmouth Undying,” Senior Week, Commencement, and Reunion activities stay with you today.

After graduation, you accepted a position at a polling firm in Washington, DC. In this role you worked on multiple campaigns for House and Senate races, and witnessed the evolution of data utilization in campaign strategy. With a desire to do more tactical work, you joined Brightline Strategies, applying the art and science of polling to corporate clients. Now you focus on commercial and residential real estate as vice president of research and strategy.

While your job is demanding, you have carved out precious time to volunteer for your beloved alma mater. As mini-reunion chair for the Class of 2007 for five years following graduation, you drew a crowd to Homecoming with a class event featuring hot spiced cider and that perennial favorite, Lou’s pies. Working with the Dartmouth College Fund as a leadership chair, you were an enthusiastic participant in the young alumni call-a-thon. An avid Admissions Ambassador, you’ve been eager to share your excitement about the College with dozens of prospective applicants.

As a recent alumnus, you joined the board of the Dartmouth Club of Washington, DC, where you’ve served myriad roles as events chair, webmaster, vice president, and president. Marketing and event planning are your forte. One of your most treasured experiences has been chairing the club’s annual dinner celebrating the Daniel Webster Award for Distinguished Public Service, which under your leadership has honored such distinguished Dartmouth alumni as Rabbi Arnold Resnicoff ’68, Eric Fanning ’90, and Jake Tapper ’91. You also cherish your involvement with the Honor Flights on Dartmouth’s Annual Alumni Day of Service. Dartmouth Club families greet veterans who visit the World War II memorial. The cheers and support given to these members of the Greatest Generation are incredibly meaningful to all those who participate. Now as club president, you lead a board comprised of several young alumni, who work in tandem with a deep bench of seasoned volunteer leaders to support the club.

Your passion for leadership has led you to mentor Rockefeller Center first-year fellows and to remain involved with the Class of 1964 Policy Research Shop. You seek opportunities for the club to interact with professors, deepening the connection between Dartmouth’s scholars and off-campus audiences. At admitted student events, you love to lead Dartmouth trivia games to set the attendees at ease, while reassuring them that the value of Dartmouth is not just in a student’s four years on campus, but in the many years after graduation. Your family and your partner Erin understand that as well — they’ve enjoyed the collegiality of the Dartmouth community over the years.

Kevin, for your generous efforts to assist and encourage students, create meaningful programs, and foster the wonderful tradition of the Dartmouth alumni community of Washington, DC, we are delighted to honor you with the Dartmouth Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award.