Ken Klemm ’86

Dartmouth Club of the Gulf Coast

Ken Klemm ’86 has skillfully led the Dartmouth Club of the Gulf Coast for over a decade, during which time the club has twice been recognized as Small Club of the Year.

Under Ken’s leadership, the board includes a non-alumna parent chair, has consistently met quarterly, and was the first club to have student liaisons. Traditional programs like an annual holiday party have been accented by unique programs like a tour of outdoor sculptures created by a Dartmouth ’77.

The club’s commitment to Gulf Coast students is strong. Dartmouth students benefit from a student assistance fund and an annual crawfish boil on campus, coordinated by the club’s student liaisons. Ken’s commitment to students is personal as well; often making time to take them out for coffee or a meal when he returns to Hanover. As president of a club in an area with less than 300 alumni and parents, Ken also rolls up his sleeves as the Area Enrollment Director for Louisiana and Mississippi. In 2016, he led area Admissions Ambassadors to interview 94 out of 96 applicants and represented the Big Green in three college fairs.

Ken has shown his passion for regional connections with his nine-year involvement on the Communities Executive Council (CEC), from which he will retire this year. Ken was a key partner in crafting the CEC’s Operating Guidelines and has capably served as Alumni Council Representative for the past three years.

Ken, we are grateful for your steadfast and thoughtful leadership over the years. Congratulations!