The Dartmouth Club of Maryland

The Dartmouth Club of Maryland, like Maryland’s state tree, the white oak, exudes great strength.

The roots of the club’s success are a robust leadership team representing almost every decade of Dartmouth alumni. To encourage participation, board meetings are included in all communications as upcoming events. In addition, club president Tara Gulla ’95 communicates with younger board members via text, club newsletters recognize leaders, and meetings strike an important balance between discussing recent events and planning future events.

The club’s 26 programs grew like the leaves on a tree this year, providing a dazzling array of opportunities for alumni and parents to connect. Club members were treated to seats overlooking home plate at an Orioles game, a wine and art show hosted by several ’80s, and a tour of a local medieval art exhibit led by a Dartmouth ’06. In partnership with Women of Dartmouth, the club also co-sponsored an informal meet and greet with a state delegate from the Class of 2001.

The Maryland club also gives back, to both Dartmouth and the local community. Impressively, club Admissions Ambassadors interviewed 100 percent of the early decision and 94 percent of the regular decision applicants they were assigned. The club completed the admissions cycle by hosting an admitted student event for 40 alumni and students overlooking Inner Harbor. Then, at the club’s August send off, alumni prepared the students and their families for Dartmouth. Several small-scale community service events throughout the year were punctuated by the club’s Alumni Day of Service event: planting 20 trees! For the club, the service project was especially relevant to its members as it replicated the environmental stewardship that is so valued at Dartmouth.

For your strong leadership team, impressive array of programs, and commitment to serving Dartmouth and the local community, we congratulate the Dartmouth Club of Maryland for spreading its branches!