Dartmouth Asian Pacific American Alumni Association (DAPAAA)

The Dartmouth Asian Pacific American Alumni Association (DAPAAA) aims to foster community among the Asian Pacific American alumni of the College; to further the intellectual, social, cultural, and educational well-being of the Asian Pacific American alumni and students of the College; and to provide the College and the greater College community with the active support of the Asian Pacific American alumni in matters of mutual concern. The organization is young, having only been founded in 1998. With more than 5,500 alumni from various ethnicities spread around the globe comprising their membership, DAPAAA faces a particularly complex organizational challenge.

Even so, DAPAAA lives up to this ambitious mission.  When the group’s community needs them they reach out to support students, faculty, and staff, and ensure that Dartmouth feels like a welcoming home. When on campus, DAPAAA members dedicate hours of their time to building bridges with students and other community members. This past year they focused on collaborating with Affiliated and Shared Interest Groups in creating social spaces on campus during Green Key weekend and off campus on the east and west coasts. Each year they celebrate their graduates by honoring them with stoles and inviting them to an annual summer banquet in New York City.

This group is being honored today because of its efforts to support its community and collaborate with others, but also because it has taken steps to improve its organization. DAPAAA has devoted extensive time and energy to drafting updated board position descriptions, re-starting its newsletter, and revamping sections of its constitution. As we all know, it is hard work to take a step back, reflect on yourself, and then choose to improve. We thank you, DAPAAA, for striving to support a large diverse group and stepping up to each challenge that has come your way this year.