The Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs Leader of the Year Award

Maxine Mauricio ’93

Native American Alumni Association of Dartmouth (NAAAD)

Jonathan Clarkson Gibbs II was a pioneering member of the Class of 1852 and the third African American to graduate from Dartmouth.  A dedicated member of the abolitionist movement, Gibbs later served as Florida’s first black Secretary of State. This award, therefore, is presented to the club or group leader who best embodies Gibbs’s trailblazing leadership and advocacy.

This year we are proud to honor a similarly trailblazing Dartmouth graduate. A member of Phi Beta Kappa who went on to graduate cum laude from Harvard Law School, Maxine Mauricio ’93 has always found time to lead at Dartmouth despite her busy schedule. As co-president of the Native American Alumni Association of Dartmouth (NAAAD) and a member of the Communities Executive Council, Maxine has had the responsibility of supporting alumni, students, and faculty at Dartmouth, one of the first institutions of higher education in the country to have a Native American Program.

The College can always count on Maxine to support and advise the college in matters related to the Native American community. Several times this past year she took the trip up the hill to create gathering spaces for students, staff, and faculty members in her community when they needed her. She has inspired collaboration among NAAAD members and demonstrated it herself through her partnership with her co-president Terra Branson ’10. Thanks to her leadership, her board created successful partnerships with the Dartmouth Club of Hawaii, other affiliated and shared interest groups, Women of Dartmouth, and the Dartmouth Club of Los Angeles. 

Maxine is a thoughtful communicator who listens carefully and is not afraid to share her opinions.  She is a valued alumna and partner for Alumni Relations and the College as a whole. Thank you Maxine – we are grateful for your strong leadership and commitment to advocacy.