In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of

Laura Hardegree Davis ’94
2017 Secretary of the Year – 25 Years Out and Younger

Laura, it is evident from your class columns that you love Dartmouth, your class, and your classmates. In a recent Dartmouth Alumni Magazine column, you wrote about the “important, life-shaping role that college can play” and your “own transformative college experience at Dartmouth.” You continue to build on those experiences by sharing interesting stories about the Class of ’94 and individual classmates in columns that are both well-written and well-rounded.

In addition to serving as class secretary, you also perform the often difficult and humbling role of class necrologist, writing the obituaries of deceased classmates. You take the time to memorialize their impact on their communities as you report to your classmates on the passing of their friends. These are only your latest volunteer efforts on behalf of the Class of ’94 and the College. Other Dartmouth volunteer positions in which you currently serve or have served so ably include class vice president, Career Network volunteer, Moosilauke Forum member, Reunion giving committee member, and alumni interviewer.

Your connection to your college and class runs deep – you married Ken Davis ’94 soon after you both earned your degrees, and together you have three children under the age of 18. You also are an assistant director of admissions at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. If you bring to that role half the enthusiasm you share as ’94 class secretary, the students applying to that liberal arts college must feel very welcomed.

In your May/June 2017 class column you asked, “How awesome would it be to go back to Dartmouth as a student for just a few days, knowing then what we know now?” Well, Laura, as we gather for Class Officers Weekend, we hope to provide you with some fulfillment of that wish. You are a student of sorts, as you continue to grow even more into your important role as Class of ’94 secretary and communicator.

Laura, we would like to give you top marks for the care and commitment you have shown in your role as class secretary by honoring you as the Class Secretary of the Year for classes out 25 years and younger. Dartmouth College and Dartmouth Alumni Magazine thank you for your outstanding service to your class and to the College. Congratulations!