In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of 

Kyle K. Huebner ’92
2017 Treasurer of the Year – 25 Years Out and Younger

Kyle, you have a long history of involvement with the College, including many years of service as an alumni interviewer. But today, we are here to celebrate your achievements as the Treasurer of the Class of 1992, for there is nobody more deserving than you of the 2017 Treasurer of the Year award.

During your tenure as treasurer, you have led your class to a steady and significant improvement in dues payment and fundraising, setting class records in both participation and amounts raised this past year. Your class president, Jenn Newsom, reports: “Kyle is an instrumental part of our leadership team and provides excellent insight on class initiatives and issues. He has led our effort to successfully increase the number of dues payers each year by clearly communicating the value dues provide—programming, newsletters, and class projects. He has also been instrumental in increasing participation in the Dartmouth College Fund.”

After you became class treasurer in 2012, your dedication was quickly recognized by your peers, and you were elected vice president of the Treasurers Association in 2014. We appreciate the thoughtful and thorough perspective you bring to your current role, president of the Treasurers Association, as well as the leadership and support you have provided to the Association and your fellow treasurers.

Your success today comes as no surprise to anyone who knows you, and knows of your remarkable academic and professional career. As a student, you competed as a varsity swimmer and graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. You later attended Harvard Business School where you earned your MBA and, more importantly, met your wife Leanne. You have built a successful career at, most recently rising to your current role as president. The discipline you learned through each of these endeavors is evident in your thoughtful and meticulous work as class treasurer and as a valued member of the Class Officers Association Executive Board.

Most importantly, you shine in your steadfast commitment to family. Not only are you and your wife Leanne raising your own three children, but you also serve as guardian and mentor to your late sister's four children. You still manage to find time to volunteer at church and coach a team here and there amid your busy schedule of travel, board meetings, and kids’ activities. We are not quite sure where you find the time to excel at all you do, but we are very grateful for your efforts and for the strong example you set for others of the importance of giving back.

Thank you for your incredible hard work and dedication to your class, the College, and your fellow alumni. In appreciation for all that you have done, it is an honor to present you with this award for the 2017 Class Treasurer of the Year.