In Pursuit of Excellence

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of

Kelly Shriver Kolln ’92 

Class Secretary of the Year
25 Years Out and Younger

Kelly, you had big shoes to fill when you assumed the role of class secretary in 2012, since your predecessor had earned Class Secretary of the Year honors the year before. But in the five years you have filled this role, you have placed your personal imprint onto the position. In addition, you are a significant leader in a significant class that has achieved a great deal as it moves toward its 25th Reunion next year.

As class secretary, your Class Notes columns are interesting to read and cover a lot of ground, mentioning an average of 10 classmates per issue while promoting class activities and projects. Often you bring in a theme to your columns, as you did in the May/June issue, where, with assistance from a classmate’s post to your 1992 Facebook group, you created an entire column by reaching out to classmates for their Dartmouth-related anxiety dreams.

In addition, you also write the obituaries for deceased classmates, itself a difficult and humbling responsibility. You honor in a timely fashion those who pass on, chronicling their lives and helping to ensure that these deceased classmates will not be forgotten.

Furthermore, this year you initiated your class’s “Birthday Challenge,” sending a personalized email to each classmate celebrating his or her birthday. The multiple goals of this effort are to interact personally with each classmate at least once a year, highlight upcoming class events and projects, solicit information for the ’92 DAM column and newsletter, and update classmate contact information for both College and class records.

Finally, you are also the communications chair for your class, wherein you maintain the communications plan for the class executive committee, including a schedule of newsletters, Facebook posts and events, and emails to classmates. This plan is used to promote, among other things, your class Annual Virtual Reunion on the 92nd day of the year, the annual community service event Engage ’92, and your 25th Reunion in June.

On a personal basis, you are currently involved in educating children as the stage manager in the drama department of the Franklin Middle School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where you reside with your husband and two teenage daughters. During your “free time,” you continue to write short stories, plays, and novels on a freelance basis, some of which have received special recognition.

In conclusion, Kelly, you are the ultimate personification of a successful class secretary! Dartmouth College and the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine thank you for your superior service to your class and to the College.