In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the 

Class of 2014
2017 Donald C. Smith ’53 Award
in Recognition for an Outstanding Mini-Reunion Program - 25 Years Out and Younger

The Mini-Reunion Chairs Association is comprised of all class mini-reunion chairs – a group of individuals spanning seven decades and the globe – who are selected by their classmates and generously volunteer their time building and maintaining the bond between their classmates and the College. Mini-reunions are integral to providing Dartmouth alumni with opportunities for classmates and friends to gather, reflect, and generate enthusiasm.

Mini-reunion chairs foster classmate connections by building upon the legendary ties that Dartmouth alumni feel toward their alma mater. The mini-reunion program, in turn, encourages alumni to both return to campus for major events such as Homecoming and Reunion and to provide critical – and generous – financial support to the many classes following in their footsteps.

It is, therefore, our honor and pleasure to recognize and thank the Class of 2014 for a strong start to its mini-reunion program. During their first years as alumni, members of the Class of 2014 have observed and adopted the best practices of other classes. So far this year, the class has reconnected 150 classmates across 10 cities. Unwilling to wait for its 5th Reunion, the class came up with a creative solution – a weekend event held in multiple cities simultaneously to celebrate 2.5 years since Commencement. By strategically using emails and social media, the class spread the word about the celebration broadly and well in advance. The class leadership has enthusiastically sought to include as many classmates as possible by utilizing surveys to solicit updated contact information and gather data on individual interests. The Class of 2014 is already planning for 2018, during which they will bring their mini-reunion program to smaller cities.

Congratulations on enjoying a very successful 2.5 year mini-reunion and sparking enthusiasm for class gatherings that will build momentum on the way to your 5th Reunion!