In Pursuit Of Excellence

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the


2016 Special Recognition for Remarkable Class Participation

The Class of 2009 is to be congratulated and recognized for its remarkable efforts to achieve and maintain strong participation in communication, events, and giving back to the College.

Partnering with both Class Activities and the Dartmouth College Fund, the Class of 2009 maintains robust outreach to classmates using the tactics of nostalgia, text messaging, and joint mini-reunions with other classes.

Thanks to its strong class cohesion, the Class of 2009 has set a new Dartmouth College Fund participation record every year, beginning with their Senior Class Gift and continuing through each of the last eight years.

The Class of 2009 has utilized Rauner Special Collections and Dartmouth Alumni Magazine archives to create a “Remember When” feature with photos of events during their class’s time at Dartmouth. These reminiscences, combined with high addressability and smart repurposing of reunion memorabilia to encourage payment of class dues, have contributed to a deep sense of class connection that Dartmouth is pleased to recognize.