In Pursuit of Excellence

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the


2016 Class of the Year
25 Years Out and Younger

Just like the bonfire that would not fall, the Class of 1992 is determined and steadfast in its support of the College and of each other.

The Class of ’92 is an engaged class on multiple levels. With 96 percent mail and 86 percent email addressability, the Class is well-connected. For the past six years, the Class has conducted a virtual reunion on the 92nd day of the year and participation is high, with more than 170 classmates reporting on their activities this year.

The Class finds ways to engage deeply with each other including birthday emails; Engage ’92, a program encouraging classmates to participate in community service during the month of April; and a caring committee for classmates going through difficult times.

Like many alumni classes, the Class of ’92 is a strong supporter of the College through funding of class projects. The Class supports Dartmouth Athletic Sponsors, Haven House, and the Women in Science Project. In its support of Dartmouth Partners in Community Service, the Class of ’92 offers more than funding, with a classmate serving on the alumni board and mentoring committee and three other classmates serving as alumni mentors.

1992 classmates have responded positively to the calls for engagement with their class, setting another record for the highest number of dues payers – 327 – in a non-reunion year. Knowing that engaged classmates give generously in multiple ways, the Class actively seeks projects and activities that encourage engagement and sends an annual email describing how class dues supported those projects.

Above all, the Class of ’92 is deliberate, thoughtful, and purposeful. The class activity report details well-formed ideas, plans and strategies as they approach their 25th reunion in 2017. There is little doubt they will see significant success in bringing record numbers of classmates back to Hanover; in building strong support for the College; and in connecting each other in meaningful, thoughtful, and caring ways.

Dartmouth’s Class Officers Association Executive Board is honored to recognize the Class of 1992 as the 2016 Class of the Year.