In Pursuit of Excellence

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the


2016 Special Recognition for Creative Student Engagement and Outstanding Giving to the College

The Class of 1961 is to be congratulated and recognized for its remarkable efforts to connect with current students through the arts at Dartmouth, and also for its overall class engagement.

Twenty years ago, the Class of 1961 gave the Robert Frost, Class of 1896, statue at its 35th reunion. In 2016, to mark its 55th, the Class creatively challenged all currently enrolled students to create an artistic rendition of the statue through drawing, painting, photography, or sculpture. The resulting student works were all spectacular, but, more importantly, they sparked conversation among students and between generations.

En route to their 55th reunion, more than 56% of classmates submitted dues payments and the Class set the 55th reunion Dartmouth College Fund participation record with 78.6%, the second highest rate of all Dartmouth classes (second only to the Class of 1954). To cap it off, class membership in Bartlett Tower Society has increased by 72% over the last three years. For its imaginative engagement with Dartmouth today, the College is pleased to recognize the Class of 1961.