In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Class of 1988
2017 Class of the Year Honorable Mention – 26 Years Out and Older 

The Class of 1988 has been a strong class across the board for many years, and this year was no exception.  To perform at and sustain this level of accomplishment takes a talented team with great leadership. The Class of 1988 boasts just that with an executive team of 25 hardworking classmates led by President Catherine Craighead Briggs and four vice presidents.

The ’88 executive team strives to include each and every class member in every class activity, and has developed a strong communications network supported by a vibrant Facebook group with nearly half the class as members – an increase of 26 members over the previous year. Members of the group enjoy seeing the usual photo array of families, travel, and classmate gatherings, but also share lighthearted posts with snapshots of places where the number 88 shows up in their lives, such as on restaurant receipts and odometer readings.

The class is focused on the core value of bringing classmates together in different ways so that more classmates living remotely and those less focused on traditional gatherings can still participate in activities. Their “something for everyone” menu includes a March Madness bracket, an Oscar prediction competition, and a recent collective 50th birthday celebration with 19 events across the world, including the class’s first ever mini-reunion in London.

The ’88 “Hearts and Hands” committee provides compassionate outreach to classmates in need. In short, the class has all the bases covered and these efforts are inspiring the class to achieve a record-breaking 30th Reunion in June 2018.

It is with great pride that the Class Officers Association Executive Board bestows upon the Class of 1988 an Honorable Mention for 2017 Class of the Year 26 Years Out and Older. Congratulations to all its members. Keep up the great work!