In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the 

Class of 1961
2017 Special Recognition for Outstanding Giving

The Class of 1961 is to be congratulated and recognized for its outstanding efforts to encourage classmate giving to the Class and to the College.

In 2016, the Class capitalized on the occasion of its 55th Reunion, achieving high dues participation rates, setting the 55th Reunion Dartmouth College Fund participation record, and continuing to increase Bartlett Tower Society membership. Pausing for a moment to welcome new class officers, but not skipping a beat, the class rode the Reunion momentum, achieving 77.1 percent classmate participation in the Dartmouth College Fund – the highest of all classes – while also building dues participation to 59.38 percent, the third highest of all classes. The class’s gift planning team added six new members to the Bartlett Tower Society.

For its continued demonstration of loyalty through classmates’ generosity to each other and to their alma mater, the College is pleased to recognize the Class of 1961.