In Pursuit of Excellence 

Dartmouth College Recognizes with Deep Appreciation the Extraordinary Achievements of the

Class of 1957
2017 Reunion Class of the Year 

As it celebrated its 60th year, the Class of 1957 continued to show its strengthsconsistent leadership, focused support of Dartmouth’s students and programs, and the care its members feel for each other.

Classmates “Returned to the Source” in June for a thoughtfully planned and engaging Reunion. The class offered scholarships for those in need, encouraged widows to attend by planning special breakfast and luncheon opportunities, and capped off the momentous event with a special banquet and entertaining musical performance featuring two classmates and Dartmouth Professor of Music Steve Swayne at The Hanover Inn.

Along the way, at a special ceremony on Baker Lawn, the class adopted its first female member, Ida Rotman P’57, on the eve of her 104th birthday. It also participated in a moving memorial service co-officiated by a ’57 widow and contributed over $2 million in Reunion gifts to the College.

Since only half of the class’s octogenarian members use the internet, ’57 officers understand the challenges of communication and employ multiple techniques for reaching classmates including informative and timely print newsletters. To keep classmates engaged and up-to-date about Reunion plans, the class made use of its three listservs and provided continuous updates on its class website, while also using strategic print mailings to ensure everyone was kept abreast of Reunion activities and timelines.

Through the years, the Class of 1957 has demonstrated that it is a tight-knit bunch over and over again, and this closeness was particularly clear in June. Eager to include as many classmates as possible, the class organized pre-Reunion activities which engaged a classmate who could not come back to Hanover. Reunion programming focused on classmate presentations and involvement, and the class was so eager to maximize its time together that it organized a post-Reunion event in Vermont for all who wished to join.

In her remarks during the memorial service, widow Judy Stempel offered this:

“In his Valedictory to the Class of 1957, John Sloan Dickey reminded you that ‘Caring is a precious thing. The quality of your caring is what Dartmouth is all about. Remembering this you will fail neither her nor yourself and you will grow in grace.’”

It is clear to all that the Class of 1957, during these 60 years, has found success for itself and for the College, and has grown, indeed, in grace.

Dartmouth’s Class Officers Association Executive Board is honored to recognize the Class of 1957 as the 2017 Reunion Class of the Year.