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December 18, 2009: Conference Call

Participants: Ron Harris, John Mathias, Kaitlyn Jaxenheimer, Douglas Keare, David Spalding, Cheryl Bascomb, Marion Baldauf, Ron Schram, Lynne Gaudet, Otho Kerr

Unavailable: Veree Brown, John Engelman


1. Approval of the Minutes of the November 30 meeting. Ron Schram moved that the November 30 minutes be passed. Ronald Harris seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

2. Report from the Nominating Committee on the slate for officers and Executive Committee members for the 2010 election ~ David Spalding.

The Nominating Committee has recommended that Lynne Gaudet '81, director of Alumni Leadership, stand for the position of secretary-treasurer. Lynne has been an active club officer and a recipient of the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award. The choice of Ms. Gaudet follows the tradition of having an alumni officer of the College serve as secretary-treasurer of the Association of Alumni. For the position to be vacated by Cheryl Bascomb, the committee would like to put the name of Mark Alperin '80 forward. Following in is father and his uncle's footsteps, Mark will be receiving the Alumni Award in June. He is also a recipient of the Young Alumni Distinguished Service Award. Mark was very pleased to be considered for this position.

3. Review and approve the timeline for the Association election.

The Balloting Committee has reviewed the election timeline. Moving the date by which petition candidates must present their alumni signatures from January 10 to 11 was considered appropriate. The new date will give petition candidates an additional day to deliver signatures to the Association of Alumni secretary. At this time, there have been no amendments submitted by petition.

Notice of the Election of the Association Officers will be posted December 21. (See: http:///news.aspx?id=506)

Persons interested in running for either trustee opening may download the appropriate documentation at:

Ronald Harris moved to approve the election timeline. Cheryl Bascomb seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

4. Discuss the December 15 meeting with Board chair Ed Haldeman

John Mathias reported on his December 15 meeting with trustee chairman, Ed Haldeman at his Virginia office. Also at the meeting were Doug Keare and Ronald Harris. David Spalding, Otho Kerr and Ronald Schram joined the conversation by phone. John reported that he opened the meeting by discussing the recent two-year history of accomplishments of the Association of Alumni Executive Committee, including the recent Election Reform Study Committee. Ed Haldeman expressed his appreciation of the Executive Committee's efforts. John also discussed the desire for an increase in the number of alumni nominated trustees on the board. After some discussion it was agreed to continue meeting on this topic after the election in the spring of 2010.

Doug Keare made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Cheryl Bascomb seconded the motion which carried.

Respectfully submitted,

David Spalding
Association of Alumni