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May 19, 2007
Alumni Hall
1:30 pm

Merle Adelman '80, acting president, opened the meeting by reading the Annual Meeting Rules (handout).

Secretary's Minutes

Stanley Colla '66, '86Tu gave the secretary's report. He thanked Merle for stepping in for Allen Collins '53, who was ailing this past year. He also wished Hal Ripley '29 well on celebrating his 100th birthday.

President's Remarks

Merle returned to the podium and gave the president's remarks. She spoke about the past year's accomplishments, including:

  • Implementation of all-media voting;
  • Increased use of technology in communications; and
  • Increased participation in voting on alumni matters, for which she thanked the alumni.

Looking forward, Merle expressed her wishes for

  • Open communication between all constituents;
  • Constructive involvement;
  • Compromise; and
  • Evolutionary small changes.

Treasurer's Report

Stanley Colla reported that the Association of Alumni has no direct revenues and raises no money. The Office of Alumni Relations supports the work of the Association, and its 2007 budget included $75,000 for annual meeting ancillary expenses and for one all media voting event.Because of the additional vote on the proposed constitution, the Alumni Relations budget also covered $75,000 for this second all-media voting event.The 2008 budget will include $75,000 for annual meeting ancillary expenses and for one all-media voting event.

President's Appointment of the Regular Committees

The regular committees will be appointed when the new association officers are in place.

Communications from the Vice President for Alumni Relations

David Spalding '76, vice president for Alumni Relations, spoke about priorities for the upcoming year: strengthening communication between alumni and college; improving the quality of programming; opportunities for alumni and faculty interaction; volunteer leadership development; and increased attendance in alumni programs.

Miscellaneous Business

In an open comment period, praise was given for the new Web site "". It provides excellent information and is well organized. It is important to better advertise this valuable site.

One comment on a procedural matter was addressed.

Patricia Fisher '81 was thanked for her 19 years of service as director of alumni leadership in the Office of Alumni Relations.


The annual meeting adjourned at 2:10 pm.

Following the meeting, the results of the election of new Association of Alumni officers and executive committee members were announced. This information was made public on the Association's Web site, and may be viewed at < http:///news/?p=3&id=0583>.