Association of Alumni Executive Committee
Conference Call
Thursday, September 4, 2014
Noon-1 p.m. ET

Sue Finegan (President), Martha Beattie, Lorraine Buhannic, C. Alec Casey, Karen Francis-DeGolia, Mark Harty, Amy Henry, Ken Johansen, Paul Killebrew, Andew Son, Lynne Gaudet (secretary)

Bob Higgins

Sue Finegan opened the call.

  1. Approval of June 24, 2014 conference call minutes
    The committee approved the Association of Alumni minutes of the June 24, 2014 conference call.
  2. Proposed amendments to Association of Alumni Guidelines and Alumni Trustee Nominating and Balloting Guidelines
    The committee discussed the proposed revisions to the Dartmouth Alumni Trustee Nomination and Balloting Guidelines and to the Guidelines for Voting for Election of Officers and Executive Committee Members, Constitutional Amendments, and Conduct of Meetings of the Association of Alumni. The revisions reflect the amendment made to the Association of Alumni constitution that alumni voted to approve last March and revise the required number of alumni signatures to run by petition to 250. The petition signature requirement will remain significantly less than the 500 signature requirement to run by petition for trustee and the 1% of qualified voting alumni body (approximately 700) signatures required to submit a proposed AOA constitutional amendment by petition. The committee researched petition requirements of peer institutions and agreed that the 250 requirement is a comparable number to the requirements of other institutions and aligns appropriately with the requirements to run for trustee and to propose a constitutional amendment by petition.

    The committee approved the revisions made to both documents, with a correction to the numbering of paragraphs 9-12 of the balloting guidelines. The guidelines will be posted on the Association of Alumni website.

  3. Formation of Nominating and Ballot Committees
    Sue Finegan reviewed the two committees the Executive Committee needs to form:
    • A Nominating Committee that will propose the nominated slate for the 2015 AOA election. All current officers and AOA Executive Committee members are eligible to run again for re-election except for Martha Beattie (secretary-treasurer) who has served three years. Executive Committee members interested in serving on this committee can let Lynne know after this call.
    • A Balloting Committee of 4 members, chaired by Sue Finegan.
  4. Posting of Voting Period Online
    The 2015 voting period will be posted on the Association of Alumni and Vox the Vote websites on October 15, 2014.
  5. Annual Meeting
    The Association of Alumni will hold its annual meeting in Hanover on March 14, 2015.
  6. Election Vendors
    Lynne reported that she reached out to election vendors to research the services they provide and their costs.

The conference call concluded.

Submitted by,
Olivier Gilloux
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Leadership