Class Officers Weekend 2015

Dartmouth College

Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of


2015 President of the Year
26 Years Out and Older

As fellow officer Bill Mitchell so eloquently expressed, "Jim is a great golfer but a terrible fantasy football player." Dartmouth disagrees and notes that you recruited, coached, and led an astonishing class officer team. The Class of 1979 has picked up an unprecedented two Class of the Year awards with you at the helm--a fantasy team indeed!

As a Dartmouth double major in government and psychology, it is no surprise that you have led the Dartmouth Class of 1979 with exceptional vision, grace, and determination. You were so dedicated that you actually served an extra year to total six years as class president--never mind that the cluster reunion schedule demanded that of you and your fellow officers. As class webmaster Mark Tomalonis said, "Jim's leadership style was not only persuasive, but addicting to your fellow officers and classmates."

You served a variety of volunteer roles for your class, in both fundraising and reunion planning, before coming on as president. Your tenure as leader of the Class of '79 has been marked by regular class executive committee calls, clear goals for your team to achieve, and a sense of fun and perspective.

Jennifer Casey, director of Class Activities, says, "Dartmouth Alumni Relations is so fortunate to have Jim Wasz as a key class leader. His low-key manner combined with his persistent vigilance to class and College matters make him an invaluable asset. He is generous with his time, his energy, and his experience. He is a true partner in our work of connecting classmates to each other and to the College."

Incoming class president and former newsletter editor Mark Winkler had this to say of the remarkable class camaraderie that has truly flourished under your leadership: "I was hoping to continue as class newsletter editor, but just before reunion when Jim asked me if I would step up to be class president I told him that he was essentially asking for me to lay down in traffic for him and the class. With Jim asking me, how could I say no?"

And from Jim himself, "I'm so glad that most of us haven't grown up too much and that we maintain our 'work hard and play hard' mentality. In the end, we usually find a way to reach a consensus and I know that each and every one of us would lie down in traffic for one another."

Jim, the Class Officers Executive Committee believes that you are the clear choice to be named President of the Year.