Class Awards 2013
Dartmouth College

Recognizes with Deep Appreciation
the Extraordinary Achievements of

John J. Doyle Jr. '55
2013 President of the Year
26 or More Years Out

Jack Doyle, you are a loyal son of Dartmouth, a good friend to '55s, a clear communicator, a wise navigator, and a great class leader. The Class Officers Executive Committee is pleased to recognize you as President of the Year.

You came from Scarsdale, NY, to Dartmouth in the fall of 1951 eager to learn. You loved the College and your classmates. You loved it so much that you chose to stay on for a '56 Tuck degree. Married to Marilyn since 1963 -- and father to John, Christopher, and Scott -- you are interested and active in everything from the visual arts to film to hiking to the world of business and economics. How much time you have for these interests is anybody's guess, as you continue to work to this day in the banking industry that has been your field since graduation.

For your 25th reunion book you said: " 'Great Issues' was one of the Dartmouth courses that made a lasting impression upon me. Although my professional career has been demanding it its time commitments, I have continued to be influenced by John Dickey's teachings and have made time for community and civic activities."

And make time you did! Treasurer and trustee of the New England Aquarium, chairman of the board of the Weston School, chair of the Weston Public Library, extensive leadership work with the Brighton Marine Health Center -- after these "easy" jobs, you were ready when the call came to be class president.

Dartmouth administrators and your '55 Executive Committee members take your calls in return. They know that a conversation with you will always be clear, to the point, and offer balanced opinions. The call may not end with mutual agreement, but the respect that you share for all in the College and your class, when coupled with your political savvy in navigating the various wants and needs of your classmates with the ins and outs of Dartmouth, is impressive.

You have served as class president for eight years. Your class responded so well to your leadership that members begged you to stay on for a second term. You thrived in your first term, and now, three years into your second term, you seem unstoppable with your great vision, tact, and talented and hardworking Executive Committee.

The Class Officers Executive Committee is inspired by your service to the College and the class! Here's to the coming years!