Association of Alumni Executive Committee
Conference Call
Thursday, March 06, 2014
Noon - 1 PM ET


John "J.B." Daukas (president), Gersh Abraham, Martha Beattie, Pete Bleyler, Belinda Chiu, Gary Love, Kate Strayer-Benton, Lynne Gaudet (secretary)

John "J.B." Daukas opened the call.

1. Approval of November 7, 2013 minutes

The committee approved the minutes of the November 7, 2013 Association of Alumni Executive Committee conference call.

2. 2014 Election Update

Lynne Gaudet reported on the ongoing election, which is going well with 8.4% participation (electronic votes only) with a few days remaining in the election. All alumni were sent a paper ballot as well as an email if they had a valid email address. The Vox the Vote website has been updated with all the information relative to the election (slate and proposed constitutional amendment). A reminder email is sent weekly to alumni who haven't voted online yet. The final reminder email will be sent on Monday, March 10, 2014.

The paper ballots will be counted the day after the end of the election by TrueBallot, the election vendor, in Maryland. Belinda Chiu and Lynne Gaudet will be there representing respectively the Association of Alumni Balloting Committee and the College.

Lynne reminded the committee that the proposed constitutional amendment needs two thirds of favorable votes in order to pass. TrueBallot will communicate this information with the results.

The election results will be announced at the Association of Alumni annual meeting, on March 15, 2014. Diana Lawrence will post them on the Vox the Vote website and on the Association of Alumni webpage. An email will also be sent to all alumni announcing the results.

JB Daukas thanked the Balloting Committee, Lynne and Diana for their work on this election.

3.AOA Guidelines

A discussion about the Association of Alumni Guidelines followed.

4. AOA Annual Meeting

Lynne shared that the Association of Alumni will hold its annual meeting on Saturday, March 15, 2014, at 11 am in the Zimmerman Business Center, Blunt Alumni Center, Hanover, NH.

5. Other Business

Martha Beattie and Lynne thanked all the members of the executive committee, especially the eight committee members who will retire after the AOA annual meeting takes place (John "J.B." Daukas, Pete Bleyler, Gersh Abraham, Jeff Crowe, Kiyoe Hashimoto, Kate Strayer-Benton, Gary Love, and Belinda Chiu).

The conference call concluded.

Submitted by,
Olivier Gilloux
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Leadership