Association of Alumni
2015 Annual Meeting
March 14, 2015
Zimmerman Conference Room, Blunt Alumni Center, Dartmouth College Hanover, NH

Association of Alumni president Susan Finegan '85 opened the meeting via telephone.

  1. The first item on the agenda was the secretary's minutes. Martha Beattie '76 reported that the minutes of last year's Association of Alumni annual meeting were approved shortly after that meeting and were posted on the Association of Alumni website. In addition, the minutes of all four conference calls held by the Association of Alumni Executive Committee since last year's annual meeting were approved and are also posted on that same website.
  2. The second item on the agenda was brief remarks from the president. Sue Finegan thanked Martha Beattie, the retiring Association of Alumni executive committee office for her service, and welcomed Meg Ramsden '87 as the incoming officer. The Association of Alumni nominated slate was not contested, so as a result of the constitutional amendment approved by an alumni vote last spring which addressed uncontested elections, no election was held for the Association of Alumni executive committee and officers. The 2015-2016 Association of Alumni Officers and Executive Committee are as follows, effective today (March 14, 2015):

    Executive Committee Officers

    President: Susan Finegan '85
    First Vice President: C. Alec Casey '88
    Second Vice President: Robert Higgins '81
    Secretary-Treasurer: Meg Ramsden '87

    Executive Committee Members

    Lorraine Buhannic '07
    Karen Francis-DeGolia '84
    Mark Harty '73
    Amy Henry '97
    Kenneth Johansen '60, '62Th
    Paul Killebrew '67
    Andrew Son '09

  3. The next agenda item was the appointment by the president of the regular committees. This will be done by the 2015-2016 executive committee.
  4. The next agenda item was the treasurer's report and any matter of business from the executive committee. Martha Beattie reported that $1,434 was spent by the Association of Alumni since the last meeting. There was no election so there are no election expenses to report. This is compared to last year's expenditures of $91,511 by the Association of Alumni, which was composed almost entirely of election expenses.
  5. The next agenda item was communications, if any, from the president or the board of trustees of Dartmouth College. There were none.
  6. The next agenda item was the election of honorary members. There were none.
  7. The next agenda item was the report of the committee on nominations and report of special committees. There were none.
  8. The next agenda item was miscellaneous business. There was no new business.
  9. Sue Finegan adjourned the meeting.