Lying About Hitler
Ronald Green, Eunice and Julian Cohen Professor Emeritus for the Study of Ethics and Human Values

While traveling recently, my most recent Kindle read was Lying About Hitler, a riveting, detailed account of Evans’ role as expert witness in the David Irving vs. Deborah Lipstadt libel trial in London in 2000. Evans asks and persuasively answers the questions, “Can we know, and how do we know, when a historian is telling the truth?” At issue is the reliability of all our judgments about the past and the lessons we draw from them for today. Evans documents the many ways that Irving falsified history and perverted a historian’s proper task. In the process, he reveals the intellectual laziness and folly of the many academic and journalistic critics of the Lipstadt trial across the political spectrum who saw it as a threat to “free speech and free and open discourse” about the Holocaust, forgetting that Irving was the plaintiff who brought suit to silence Penguin Books and Lipstadt. This book is must reading for anyone interested in the ethics of historiography.