Iceland is renowned for its geological marvels and natural beauty, from hot springs and spouting geysers to lush, green landscapes and stark, imposing mountains. You'll get up close to it all as you hike, Zodiac cruise, and more through the stunningly beautiful and incredibly varied landscapes. Behold towering cliffs, home to vast populations of seabirds, and search for killer whales, ringed seals, and other marine mammals from teh ship's deck. Hike or Zodiac cruise to the base of Dynjandi, a spectacular waterfall. Visit the isle of Heimaey to hike up to a volcanic crater for incredible views. And discover traditional Icelandic life in remote and picturesque towns. 

Iceland is also celebrated for its people. You'll have opportunities to spend time with some of them, as well as enjoy special performances by Icelandic musicians. These unique encounters are sure to enrich your understanding of the region's traditions. In addition, you'll travel with a team of seasoned experts--an expedition leader, several naturalists, an undersea specialist--who will further illuminate all the things you'll see and do. Plus, a professional photographer and a certified photo instructor will help you capture every thrilling moment of your experience.

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